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As the authorised distributor for an extensive selection of products and systems, we are able to advise you on the best
fit for your specific project requirements e.g. non-slip, heavy-duty, impact resistance, and ease of installation.

ABC Trading Co., Ltd

ABC Trading Co., Ltd ABC Trading Co., Ltd ABC Trading Co., Ltd

Established since 1954, ABC Trading Co., Ltd. Is a trusted brand that supplies high-quality and innovative building materials to
the Japanese construction market. It also provides consistent consulting services, from advising on the right type of building
materials to recommending the appropriate installation and construction methods.

ABC Trading Co., Ltd offers over 500 items of interior and exterior building materials. Selected products include:
Resinous Floor Coating Material – Chemicrete
Inorganic Floor Finishing Material – Ferokon / Colorcrete
Transmissive ceiling system – Artshade

for more info please visit: www.abc-t.co.jp/english/

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Resdev’s Specialist Designer Flooring Systems are the perfect choice for prestige commercial and corporate environments
including airports, office complexes, exhibition centres, showrooms, shopping centres and malls.

Resdev’s Mozaico terrazzo flooring systems also provide an environmentally responsible solution, by incorporating recycled
waste glass into its products.

From elegant and contemporary seamless terrazzo flooring to colourful or naturally hued stone carpet systems, Resdev
offers a superb range of products to coordinate with corporate brand and design requirements

for more info please visit: www.resdev.co.uk